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Joint and Bone Care

Strength, Flexibility, Balance

Fun, Relaxation, Body Confidence

Stability and Ease

Your own exercise, yoga and meditation practices - all designed specifically for you - programs as unique as you are.

Private yoga and corrective exercise in Victoria, B.C. with Rosalind Taylor. Moving meditations that are effective, gentle and adaptive foster resiliency, stability and ease. Breathing and comfortable meditation practices are deeply relaxing and restorative and require only minimal movement.

Get fit and strong with sensible exercise and postural realignment.

Trauma-informed practices that are body centred can improve pain, sleep, resiliency, and performance.

Best of all, Yoga Nidra, an ancient healing meditation, is practiced lying down in a comfortable supported position. 



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Commit to yourself. Commit to a consistent mindfulness practice and enjoy the benefits of increasing your fitness while you increase your relaxation. Give yourself the gift of getting stronger and calmer at the same time.